Locus Coalition Appoints New Coordinator

In August 2017, the Locus Coalition named Ellie Price its new Coordinator, succeeding Gregory Adams in the role of leading the coalition. Ms. Price comes from FHI 360 where she was a Program Officer on the Crisis Response and Integrated Development team. While at FHI 360, Price led the Locus Coalition’s research  to quantify the impact of legislative directives in the U.S. foreign assistance budget on integrated, multi-sectoral development programming at the country level.

Locus is a coalition of organizations that is dedicated to advancing evidence-based solutions to global development challenges that are integrated, driven by local communities and based on shared measures. Our ultimate aim is to achieve a better model of development that results in greater impact to people living in poverty. Our members believe these are key pillars of effective global development practice in the Sustainable Development Goals era that will maximize development investments and impact by 2030.

As Coalition Coordinator, Price is committed to advancing the Locus Research Agenda on integrated development while ensuring Locus tools and products are practically relevant to development practitioners in the Global South.

To learn more about the Locus Coalition’s current activities, contact Ellie Price at

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